Thank you for all you do to support us as we support your students. Remember that administration and teachers are available to answer questions and to hear any concerns. As students begin to navigate their second semester classes please note that if there are any concerns regarding placement they should email counselors directly. At this time we are making very few schedule changes but counselors can assist students with any concerns and work with them and their teachers to navigate the issues. In addition, our counselors are meeting one on one with students to begin to schedule for next year classes. I encourage you to have a conversation with your student about the classes they are required to take and ones they may be interested in taking. You may view all course offerings by visiting our school website. 

Lastly, students have until this Wednesday, February 1st to turn in any assignments from this past eLearning day. Assignments turned in will be used to determine a student's attendance for this day. Again, if you have any questions please reach out to your students cohort office directly.

Thank you!