Dress Code

Students may dress and groom themselves in any manner that is not disruptive to the educational environment or dangerous to themselves or others. The exception to this right is in “Uniformly Dressed” schools. These schools have Board of Education approval to determine the type of dress, including the color that students may wear at school. Students and Parent/guardian(s) will be notified of this dress policy upon enrollment into the school. Each school may provide a more specific list of prohibited items. 

  • Students must dress and exhibit grooming appropriate for the educational activity while following the dictates of good taste.

  • Student attire (tops, shirts, pants) should cover the entire body.

  • Belts on pants need to be properly secured at the waist with no visible undergarments (no sagging).

  • The school prohibits anything it deems to be, or have the potential to be, disruptive, distracting, provocative, provoking, and/or intimidating that rises to the level in the school’s view as having a detrimental effect on the safe and educational atmosphere in the school environment, including any item that promotes gangs, sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, or illegal activity.

  • Students must wear required safety devices or uniforms that ensure the students’ safety and/or unrestricted movement. 

NOTE: Caps, head covers, belts, insignia, emblems, shirts, jewelry, any attire, and/or other trappings identified or associated or possibly associated with gangs or that are disruptive to the educational environment will not be worn in school or on school premises. Students observed wearing such items will be asked to remove them. The wearing of such items may be cause for suspension.