Good evening Warrior families! This is Rich Shepler, Principal of Warren Central High School. Spring break begins March 18, school reconvenes April 1.

Parents don’t forget summer school registration is March 12-13.  Summer school will take place June 5-28. Each class is $25 and transportation is $25. Registration is in the bookstore either before school or during lunch time only.

The link to our parent culture and climate survey is up on our website. Please take the time to complete the survey to help inform our school improvement planning process.  Your input is appreciated.

Lastly, we have a limited number of yearbooks remaining for the school year that can be ordered until spring break for $65 while supplies last. Cash or check payment is accepted in the bookstore. To order with credit or debit card, go to www.YearbookOrderCenter.com, order #8852. You may also call the Yearbook Order Center at 1-866-287-3096.

As always, thank you for your time and have a great evening.