2021 Commencement Ceremony Instructions

Good evening, this is Rich Shepler, principal of Warren Central High School.  

Senior students and families, we would like to update you on our commencement ceremony that will be taking place in our Warren Performing Arts Center on June 3, and June 4, 2021.

You may enter our campus on the south side of the building located on 16th street.  Please use available lots on 16th street for parking. We ask that your entire party enters together through Door # 43, and at that time you will receive additional information. 

Please make note of the following before arriving at your scheduled time.

  • Due to COVID and social distancing guidelines, this ceremony is non-traditional. You may have to stand for long periods of time, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes

  • Cap and gown are required to attend

  • No decorated caps or gowns will be permitted

  • No sunglasses

  • Only school approved cords and stoles may be worn

  • The graduate and up to 8 guests are allowed to attend

  • Masks are required

On June 3rd - Black Day students Last names A-K will attend their commencement ceremony at the following times.

11 am - 12-noon A-Bl

12 pm - 1 pm Bo-Cl

1 pm - 2 pm Co-Dr

3 pm - 4 pm Du-Ga

4 pm - 5 pm Ge-H

5 pm - 6 pm I-K

On June 4th Gold Day students Last names L-Z will attend their commencement ceremony at the following times. 

10 am -11 am L-Mc

11 am -12-noon Me-Pa

12 noon - 1 pm Pe-Ri

2 pm - 3 pm Ro-Sk

3 pm - 4 pm Sm-T

4 pm - 5 pm V-Z


As a final reminder, seniors must complete all graduation requirements by May 28th, in order to participate in the graduation ceremonies on June 3rd and 4th.  Members of the senior cohort team will reach out to students and families that do not fulfill graduation requirements.  Please watch for this communication. 

Thank you so much for your time and have a great evening.