ATTENDANCE OFFICE: Call 317-5532-6200, Press 1 to report an absence or email

To excuse your child’s absence from school you should call the attendance line and leave a message. If the absence can be excused for the reasons bellow please follow up by sending the required documentation to the school. This will assure your child is allowed extra time to complete any missed work. As a parent/guardian, you are encouraged to keep watch over your student’s grades and attendance via the Parent Portal. If you need your login credentials, call or email the attendance office or your student’s cohort office.

Have your student email all teachers and alert them of the absence. Encourage your student to take ownership over his/her education. This prepares your student for their young adult years by practicing excellent communication skills AND perhaps there is work that your student can do from the Chromebook at home! #Don’tFallBehind

*Please review the Rights & Responsibilities Handbook for more details on LEGAL RESPONSABILITIES as a parent.

Habitual Absence Under IC 20-33-2-25, the “Superintendent or an attendance officer having jurisdiction shall report a child who is habitually absent from school in violation of this chapter to an intake officer of the juvenile court or the department of child services. The intake officer or the department of child services shall proceed in accord with IC 31-30- through IC 31-40.”
Recently IC 20-20-8-8 was amended to define habitual truancy to include students absent ten (10) days or more from school within a school year without being excused or without being absent under a parental request filed with the school. Chronic absenteeism includes students absent from school for ten percent (10 percent) or more of a school year for any reason.