WCHS Sunday Night Message

Greetings, this is Mrs. Taylor, proud principal of Warren Central High School! 

We have successfully made it through the school year and are entering the last week of school. As we wrap up this year students and staff are working hard to complete assignments, projects, and finish the year strong. This week students will follow a modified schedule the last two days of school with students being dismissed at 1:20 on Thursday and Friday. The building will be cleared of all students by 1:30pm Thursday and Friday with the exception of student athletes who are in season. All other students will be expected to exit the building. Car riders will need to plan accordingly. 

Additionally, this week we have implemented our end of the year bag policy. Students are prohibited from bringing backpacks, large duffel bags, drawstring bags, or large purses or totes larger than 6 x 9 inches into the building. Athletes needing to bring bags for athletic purposes will need to make arrangements with coaches for access to locker rooms or to keep bags in coaches' classrooms during the day. Chromebook cases are permitted, clear plastic bags or vinyl bags, or gallon freezer bags are permitted. Again, please be mindful of these expectations as no exceptions will be made. 

Finally, please continue to have conversations with your student about the importance of showing CORE at all times. Students are still expected to abide by the guidance in our Student Success Handbook and follow teacher classroom expectations. Students in violation of meeting expectations may forfeit the ability to finish the year with us and/or start the year with us next school year. I also want to reiterate to our senior students and families that although this may be your senior's last week with us, any behaviors in or outside of school that violate our student handbook and expectations may result in their ability to participate in our graduation ceremony. As always our goal is to ensure that students and staff remain safe. Thank you for your assistance with this! 

Let's finish strong. If there are any questions pertaining to end of year expectations or general questions regarding your students status or progress please do not hesitate to reach out directly to your student cohort office or counselor. 

Have a great evening!