Greetings, this is Mrs. Taylor proud principal of Warren Central High School calling with a few updates and friendly reminders.

We are 10 days from the last day of school. Students and staff are working to finish the year strong. It is essential that students are present everyday to ensure they are able to meet all requirements to earn all their credits. As we get prepared to wrap up the year please help us by reminding students that although the end of the school year is near CORE expectations are still in place. We ask that students continue to show Civility, Order, Respect, and Excellence in all they do. There has been an increase in students in the hallways after the bell. Please note that this week we will increase hallway supervision and students found out of assigned areas will be sent to their cohort office or the CORE room. Additionally, the last week of school we implement our no bag, large tote, and purse policy. Students with lockers should begin to take items home with them in preparation for no bags or backpacks next week. Student athletes needing to bring bags will need to make arrangements with coaches to place bags in their classrooms or in locker rooms.

Again, we are excited for students to finish the year strong and we will continue to make student safety and security our top priority. Students in violation of school disciplinary policies are still subject to disciplinary action. We appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain a safe learning environment. Please reach out with any information that will allow us to be proactive in keeping students and staff safe.

Finally, graduation will take place June 4th for the class of 2023. This week is senior week and there are several activities planned to celebrate the class of 2023. We want this to be a memorable time for our seniors but we also want to enforce the expectation that seniors are still students at WCHS and any behaviors in violation of our Student Success Handbook may jeopardize their opportunity to participate in this year's graduation ceremony. Let's finish strong and safely!

Thank you and have a great evening!