What is the ECA?

E.C.A. stands for End of Course Assessment. All students in Indiana currently take the E.C.A. in English 10, Algebra 1, and Biology. Passing the English 10 and Algebra 1 E.C.A.'s is a requirement for high school graduation, per state law. For the 2014-2015 test, the state of Indiana has mandated the creation of a new test to match the brand new Indiana State Standards. In previous years, the E.C.A. (and the GQE before it) consisted of a reading comprehension section (in which students are tested on such skills as context clues, inferences, literary devices, determining theme, analyzing characterization, and analysis of author's choices in text structure, among others) and an essay writing section (in which students write an essay in response to a prompt provided on the exam, evaluating writing skill, grammar skill, and organizational skills).

The current testing dates for re-testers (those who have taken the E.C.A. before but have yet to pass are the week of December 8, 2014. The dates for first-time testers (students who are sophomores in the 2014-15 school year) are during the week of May 11, 2015.

What is English Lab?

English Lab is a part of the district's 8-Step Instructional Process. Students were chosen for the class based on student test scores and data from their 9th grade year. English Lab is a one-semester class (both first-time testers and re-testers) designed to provide students with direct instruction and practice in reading skills and writing skills that are most often tested on the English 10 E.C.A. It is also designed to match the skills being used in the students' English classes at the same time. This class counts as an elective credit requirement in the overall district high school graduation requirements

Why is English Lab important?

Warren Central High School believes all students can learn and be successful students. English Lab is designed to provide supplementary, personalized instruction to students so they can do just that. The 8-Step Instructional Process has been a part of MSD Warren Township schools since 2001. During that time, it has shown itself to be highly successful in helping students to grow, learn, and be successful students. A key component of this process is English Lab, which provides opportunities for both maintenance of and remediation of key English/Language Arts skills known to be important to student success on the E.C.A. English Lab is an important piece of Warren Central High School's overall mission to promote success on the E.C.A. and graduation from high school so students have as many opportunities as possible after they graduate.