Through the Race to the Top grant, MSD of Warren Township will provide all students with access to Extended Learning Opportunities. During Extended Learning Opportunities or ELOs, students learn in-part, or in-whole, outside of the classroom through rigorous, relevant and personalized instruction. ELOs often take the form of business partner experiences, but are always grounded in assessing students’ demonstrated mastery of course competencies. Through ELOs students are able to earn credits toward graduation.

ELOs align with Warren Central High School’s Curriculum and each ELO is an objective-driven experience aligned to state standards. The opportunity will be rigorous and grounded in frequent assessment of student progress and growth.

ELOs may take many forms, including independent study, private instruction, performing groups, internships, community service, apprenticeships; and online courses. Extended Learning opportunities include four components: research, reflection, product, and presentation.

Submit an application to find a new ELO or to participate in a pre-existing ELO.

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