We are concerned about the personal appearance of our students. We strive to be the best high school in the state, and we expect our students to look and act the part. We do not intend to dictate the type of clothes to be worn to school, but occasionally find it necessary to say what shall NOT be permitted. We expect students to wear normal school clothes in a normal manner.

Students whose appearance interferes with the educational process by drawing undue attention of other students or school personnel, by posing as a potential safety hazard to themselves or others, or by being interpreted by school personnel to be offensive in either the message that is implied or the parts of the body that are revealed will be assigned to the intervention room for the remainder of the day or until a parents/legal guardians brings a change of clothes or will be sent home. Simple guidelines for school-appropriate dress and personal appearance are:

Halter-tops, bare midriff, see-through apparel are not to be worn. Dresses and tops must have sleeves and backs. Cleavage must be covered.

Dresses, skirts or shorts may be no shorter than fingertip length. Tights, leggings or other types of hosiery must be accompanied by a fingertip length or longer top or dress.

All pants and slacks must be worn at the waist with no visible undergarments. Male students are required to tuck in their shirts.

Coats and hats are only permitted when entering or exiting the school building and must be placed in lockers before first (1) period. Students are advised to wear sweaters or sweatshirts if they feel the need for additional warmth. (Students may take coats to their period seven (7) class). Blankets are not permitted in school.

Hats, caps, sunglasses, rollers, picks, and any other head coverings are not to be worn in the building during the school day. However, students may be required to wear a hairnet and/or other hair restraints in technology classes, laboratory, swimming, and comparable activities.

Shoes must be worn at all times. Discretion should be used as to the appropriateness and safety of certain types of shoes. No house slippers or shoes with cleats may be worn.

Attire that may damage school property or cause personal injury to others (such as chains or studded items) is not to be worn.

Clothing that is suggestive, has a double meaning or innuendo, or suggests inappropriate ideas is unacceptable.

Any apparel, jewelry, cosmetic, chains, make-up accessory, notebook, or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute denoting membership in a gang or advocating drug use, violence or clothing bearing racially or sexually offensive messages will not be worn inside the school building. Pajamas may not be worn to school.

Students must wear required safety devices or uniforms that insure the students’ safety and/or unrestricted movement in classes where required.

Students must have their WCHS student ID visible.

The school shares in the responsibilities of student dress code and appearance with the parent/legal guardians and the individual student in the area of health, safety and cleanliness of person and apparel. If there is a question as to whether or not any student’s apparel or appearance is appropriate for school, school officials will decide. We want our students to look attractive but not dress in a manner as to attract undue attention.